Welcome to my "Photo Gallery" pages! They contain photos of many lovely hair flower models (most of whom also happen to be my friends/customers), live events, etc!

Attention buyers of "Retro Glamour Girl" floral clips and/or accessories...I want to add your photo(s) to my gallery pages! Please submit photos of yourselves wearing my floral clips/accessories! Click here to download my "Model Photo Release." Print, complete, and sign the release; then send it in with your photo(s) to the address listed on the form and below. If you submit photos by e-mail, you'll still need to send in the signed/completed release form, and please indicate the file name(s) of the photos submitted by e-mail somewhere on the release form. Please use your name as a label for all e-mailed photo files - add the name of the flower worn to the file name, too, if you'd like! (example - lauralily.jpg, tinamagnolia.gif) Send completed model release forms and "physical" photos to: Laura Bennett, PO Box 20913, Keizer, OR 97307-0913. E-mailed photo submissions go to: photosubmissions@retroglamourgirl.com

Photos submitted are posted in the order received, and are posted at the next available site photo update session! Headshots and 3/4 shots that clearly show the floral clip/pin are preferred! (I cannot post any photos with nudity or that depict offensive/illegal material. I can crop head/shoulders areas that show floral accessories from tasteful nude shots.) All photos submitted are considered for use on my promotional postcards/materials on a continual basis. Things that affect what photos are chosen for printed promotional materials: clarity/quality of photo, whether or not photo clearly shows floral clip, theme of photo in regard to theme of postcard or other printed material, whether or not signed/completed model release form was submitted in a timely manner, etc.

Thanks, and enjoy browsing the galleries!